I am a multidisciplinary designer  most passionate  about working with people and organizations that are in

pursuit  of radical change. Whether they be efforts through sustainability, experimentation or

community  driven leads—projects that center an attention to care and transformation  ignite me most.


Since graduating from USC’s Roski School of Art and Design in 2017 where I studied  graphic design and fine art, I have worked in a number of sectors spanning  the arts and fashion to social- justice and nonprofit structured  organizations--often working on multi-component projects across digital, web , interactive and print.


My current ongoing roles include Art Director at HikeClerb, Design Mentor at YCA,  clothing maker at gene-seam, and taking care of my garden when it's sunny.

I am always excited to connect with new people and collaborate on present and future  fitting projects. If you are interested in working on something together or getting in touch,  you can reach me at stsleiman@gmail.com or through my Instagram.



xo, Steph

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