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Art-Direction, Graphic and Branding Development, Strategy

HikeClerb is an intersectional womens' hike club in Los Angeles founded in 2017 by Social Activist, Evelynn Escobar-Thomas. The mission of the club is to create accessible, empowering and inclusive experiences in the outdoors, bringing together trailblazing women of all shapes, colors and sizes monthly in the surrounding Greater Los Angeles area (and soon beyond…!).

My efforts working with Hikeclerb included developing new logos, subsidiary elements, fonts, colors, and brand direction for their 2020 digital launch.

Artboard Copy 331.jpg
Frame 42 (1).png
Artboard Copy 630.png
Artboard Copy 281.png
Artboard Copy 627.png
Artboard Copy 153 (2).png
Artboard Copy 92.png
Artboard Copy 149.png
Artboard Copy 140.png
Artboard Copy 157.png
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