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The Mythology Palace is a spatial exploration of an alternative world chronology through a narration of cultural symbolism.


Mythology, much like history, raises questions of origin, authorship, codification, circulation and teleology.


Similar to a memory palace, mythologies inhabit information architectures that sit at the crux of various contexts, ranging from the specific and ancient to a replication that proliferates dialogue both across and cyclically between analogous periods of time.


The Mythology Palace seeks to interrogate both the structuring of chronology and the contextualizing of signs and symbols that proliferate both fleeting and enduring myths.


Scroll down to explore each room that makes up the Mythology Palace.

00 -  Hearth of Origins:  






The Hearth sits at the entrance of the Mythology Palace.


Symbolic  of  both departure and return, this room stands as the gateway of circularity to all other encompassed mythologies. 

Above the Mantle, rests the Tree of  Life and & Knowledge, encircled by Ouroboros and alchemized by the Eternal Fire below, symbolic of perpetual death and rebirth found within every life system and cycle.


The mantel splits off into  the first of many mitoses.

On the top right, we have The Ancestral Tree , and below, a tapestry signifying the natural movement  from order into chaos. Entropy unravels with every expansion. 

On the right shelf, our attention is drawn to the parallel structure of the anthill. The rhizome teaches us that every split begets its own genealogy.

01 - Hammam

Screen Shot 2023-01-13 at 10.18.47 AM.png

The Hammam is a space for  restoration, tranquility,

exploration, and meditation. 


Key ancient technologies teach us about the infrastructural foundations of societal adaptation. Water to early irrigation systems, earth to clayware, agriculture to fibers, stone to structure, botany to apothecary. The symbiotic relationships between all elements kindled here a new age of chemistry--

One of alchemy, transmutation, and specialized utilizations across disciplines.

02 -  Library of Transliteration


Though  systems of language coexisted within every age of human development, encryption into the written form would birth a new focus on intellectual upscaling and the preservation of hierarchized thought archives.

Pictographs, hieroglyphics, to cuneiform—Early scripts and phonetical systems will bleed and feed into one another. Governance has now been relegated to new formalities under bartering and exchange. Rulers decree. Dissemination of ideas on a societal scale establish new narratives, philosophies, and religious ordinances to both devote and contend by.

03 - The Garage


The Garage prefaces as the workshop for technological experimentation. Electrical currencies have ushered in a plethora of gadgetry and computation. From early modalities--gunpowder to electrical lamps, radio to automobile.  Models are upgraded and duplicated in rapid succession. This is where cybernetics has found its objective parallel to the linguistic, that of and within the Machine. 

Mechanization, automation and animation simulate new prosthetics and appliances. 

Vast networks of optical fire cables traverse deep oceans and 5g towers terrestrially.


New signs.

New signals.




04 - Kitchen of Gamification


In the kitchen, we observe hyper capitalism in rapid, sensual synthesis. The art of optimization has gamified all terrains—A new gastronomy, where an appetite for the novel and the rituals of preparation are multitasked. Speed is celebrated. Dopamine and gratification, a very practice in the process.

05 - Boudoir of Endless Reflections


The boudoir of  reflections posits a space of looking, though not always seeing. This is an enclosed space. Simultaneously private and intimate, yet public. For the mirror connects us into the projection. The screen. Closet spaces for endless storage. We inhabit a new information architecture here. Attention economics.


What will (hu)man continue to make in their image?

Thank you for exploring Palais De Mythologie.


 Please feel free to travel backwards

and re-route your path into new terrains.

This is a work in progress and

a work devoted to the liberation of knowledge 

and  new meaning making. 

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