A speculative advertising campaign created in my senior thesis design class, for Nike Womens. The campaign focused on the narrative of a young woman on her wedding day—starting off in a more traditional attire who is then symbolically unraveled, revolutionized and empowered in her modernity through athletic wardrobe.


For me and the group of women I was working with, the concept of this storyline represented our own—being all first-generation women from immigrant backgrounds who are continuously confronted by choices that fall between where we come from (tradition) and where we want to go (breaking the norm). The typographic study focused on re-imagining ornate cultural jewelry into text for the slogan, "She Does It". 

Art Direction and Graphics by Stephanie Sleiman. 35mm and digital photography by Fiona Yu and Stephanie Sleiman.

Typography Study:

2016-2019 Stephanie Sleiman 

*full portfolio available upon request